July 23, 2021

A Summer Replay: Terns

I once read that lightning fixes nitrogen in the soil. The lighting bolt’s electric charge breaks the stable strong  bond that exists between the nitrogen atoms that fill the air. The separated atoms rearrange and attach themselves to oxygen and rain delivers these molecules to the earth. It can burn you too. The shoreline remembers the power of such storms in its blackened trees, which,  like the small flowery monuments to the highway dead, post their warnings along the way. The story is about navigating your way through a storm. (See Links 2)

Coming Soon:

Shadows on the Wall

I have been frightened by a lot of things in life, and given my rather wild imagination, fear of the unknown is one of my favorite ones, keeps me up at night, although of course, there are plenty of other shapely warnings all around,  hinted at and sometimes made explicit.

‘Shadows on the wall’ is part One of the Fear series, which also includes: ‘Seeds of Doubt’, ‘Magic Spells’ and ‘Potato Bugs’.