August 6, 2021

A Summer Replay: Silkworms

Of course there is no guarantee that change, and the stirrings of a thousand earthworms will restore life, there is always the chance that it won’t. Life is not predictable and it might not end as happily as you once hoped. Nonetheless, even if choice seems faint, do remind yourself that you don’t have to wait for the frail promises of your unraveling life.

Silkworms spin together no-till farming, silkworms and life transitions.

Coming Soon: Seeds of Doubt

In the middle of the night, I will sometimes wake up in our small  orange tent to listen to my growing seeds of doubt, will trace their shaping forms in my mind, will question the what ifs that lurk nearby.

‘Seeds of Doubt is part Two in the Fear series, which also includes: ‘Shadows on the Wall’, ‘Magic Spells’, ‘Potato Bugs’ and ‘Lake Cabonga’.