Fall II

Story 55 : Lake Cabonga

When we rounded the corner of a large island the wind struck us. The lake changed to emerald green, then black, darkening clouds were encircled by light, and within minutes the lake was boiling.

Lake Cabonga is about a bumpy canoe trip, fear, faith, hope and trust.

Story 56: Levels of Light

“The essence of brightness is always elusive and hidden;  we live between endless layers of darkening and occasionally brightening veils.” John O’Donohue

Knowing can’t be blasted into being: blasts of light might shock the system and dredge up secrets but the effect is manufactured and often temporary; knots don’t magically untie at their revelation; and in response, and to protect  exposed tender roots we will often hide what moves us, to a deeper, murkier place. (See Links 35)

Story 57: Sleep of Reason

Sleep of Reason is about rules, and sometimes breaking them. (See Links 40, 41)