Mindful Meditations

To Begin

To begin, please find a comfortable position: you may choose to sit cross legged on a cushion, hands resting in your lap, or you may decide to sit in a comfortable chair, keeping your back straight but not stiff, or you may want to lie down on your back.

These mindful meditations practice some basic skills: breath, body scan, bring back the mind when in wanders, bring your mind back into the present moment.

Anchoring Breath

This meditation anchors you in the moment through your breath.

Grounding Body

This foundation meditation includes a body scan to relax the body.

Returning Mind

This foundation meditation practices bringing back the wandering mind.

Moment to moment awareness

This foundation meditation practice brings you into the present moment.

Navigating the movements of the mind

This meditation will make you more aware of the chaos of your mind, and practice navigating the waves of your thoughts.


Find calm in the observations of the cloud of sensations that surround you.


This Mindful Meditation brings awareness to the ebb and flow of emotions, sensations and thoughts.