Year III

Story 63: Buen Camino: One beginner’s guide to the Camino de Santiago

One afternoon my husband and I were greeted by a robed, toothless, wild haired monk under the tall arches of a crumbling monastery. He hugged us, again and again, would not let go, pointed at my eyes, then his, then the sky: azul, azul. Blue, blue.

Buen Camino is about walking the long road to Santiago.

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Story 64: Shoji

Shoji screens  are made of translucent Japanese paper panels that lightly separate spaces. The screens form a thin divide between the outside and the inside world, yet intimately connect the spaces by transmitting light and shadow, sound and air. Shoji also means Life-Death.

This story is about how magicians loosen our grip on how we see the world, and about endings.