Long Yoga Nidra

To Begin

To begin, please lie down on your back, in Shavasana, either on a yoga mat or bed. Feet a little apart, hands beside your body. Cover yourself with a light blanket and close your eyes. Ideally the room is dark and quiet and undisturbed.

These practices include instructions to form a Sankalpa, a personal resolve.


This practice will take you on a long journey up a mountain path to watch the sun rise.


This long Yoga Nidra takes you through a meadow of goldenrod, thistles and milkweed to an old apple tree.


This long practice takes you deep into a forest.

Long Yoga Nidra: Shorline

Here is a full length Yoga Nidra about midsummer walk along an early evening shoreline, recorded in a canoe on a lake. Listen for the loon.