Short Yoga Nidra

To Begin

To begin, please lie down on your back, in Shavasana, either on a yoga mat or bed. Feet a little apart, hands beside your body. Cover yourself with a light blanket and close your eyes. Ideally the room is dark and quiet and undisturbed.


This practice will take you on a brief journey to a waterfall.


This practice journeys into the forest to listen to beetles and other life in a nurse log.


This practice will take you down into a deep well.


This practice will have you travel over an ocean.


This practice will walk with you through a fall field.


Journey deep into a tunnel and rest on the shores of a moon lit beach.


This practice walks you across the fields of a farm, to a pine tree.


This practice will take you on a long journey up a mountain path to watch the sun rise.


This practice takes you deep into a forest.


This yoga nidra practice takes you to, and into a stream.

Stormy Sky

This Yoga Nidra practice involves rapid visualizations of objects and images.


Explore an icy world in this Yoga Nidra practice. (Special guest voice by Peter)


Maple is a short yoga nidra practice that takes you across a white iron bridge to a large maple tree on an island.

Floating Body

In this Yoga Nidra practice, let go of consciousness, and give yourself over to sleep as you travel above the sea and the earth.

Mud Lake

This Yoga Nidra practice takes you on a walk to a small lake and a hollow tree.

Night Sky

We seem to seldom give ourselves the opportunity to experience our minds without the noise and clutter of our busy lives. Like a night sky polluted by city lights, we might, through the haze, only recognize and attend to the brightest and loudest experiences. But In the wilderness the stars are more clear, less distorted.  This Yoga Nidra practice follows the sights, sounds, sensations and thoughts of a night sky.


This Yoga Nidra practice takes you onto a field of snow and sun.


This Yoga Nidra practice will take you on a slow walk through the forest, on a winter night.


This Yoga Nidra practice takes you down a steep slope to the ocean.


This Yoga Nidra has you observe the rising and falling of awareness.