Relaxation Meditations

To Begin

To begin, please find a comfortable position: you may choose to sit cross legged on a cushion, hands resting in your lap, or you may decide to sit in a comfortable chair, keeping your back straight but not stiff, or you may want to lie down on your back.

These meditations are for relaxation. They incorporate the more traditional practices of mindfulness with bits taken from Yoga Nidra and Stories. I’ll also include some sound recordings of thunder and rain, birds, the lake, and more.

Floating Body

This free-style meditation will journey your mind above the sea, and the earth.


Take a quiet walk through a forest in this meditation.


This meditation takes you deep into a well. For a longer version see Yoga Nidra’s Well.


This meditation has you drift on strings of light. For more on this story, see Stories: Spiders.


Journey deep into a tunnel and rest on the shores of a moon lit beach. (Also see Yoga Nidra: Tunnel, for a longer version)


This meditation has you imagine heat and cold, heaviness and lightness to bring you to a deeply relaxed state.

Night Sky

We seem to seldom give ourselves the opportunity to experience our minds without the noise and clutter of our busy lives. Like a night sky polluted by city lights, we might, through the haze, only recognize and attend to the brightest and loudest experiences. But In the wilderness the stars are more clear, less distorted.  Mindful meditation is a practice to begin to notice and better understand and experience the moments of our lives, the sights, sounds, sensations and thoughts.


This Meditation takes you through a meadow of goldenrod, thistles and milkweed to an old apple tree.