January 16, 2021


Transition sometimes patiently waits, and works, in the  regeneration of a fallow field, a metaphor to describe the seemingly  barren possible, the creative in-between of what was and what might become.  And, writes William Bridges,  “…it is the nothingness that we find there that gives it its power, not something we encounter in that in-between state.” (See Links 16)

Coming Soon: Knots and Ties

My grandmother kept chocolate, an apple and a paring knife in her apron pocket, read to us, cheated at cards but let me win. She knitted socks and liked her tea with cream, told us stories about talking pigeons and rabbits and owls. 

Walking Meditation – Winter Movement

While there are different types of approaches to walking meditation, most depend on your location. An inside tread up and down an hallway, is different than a stroll along a river or wander through a forest, and different again than a fast stride through a busy city. But this meditative walk can be done anywhere and at whatever pace is natural to you.