May 7, 2021

Story 40 : Headstand

I fell off a ladder yesterday. The whole thing collapsed and I found myself lying on the ground, testing body parts, wondering about what I might have broken.  It turns out I got away with a sprained ankle – it could have been so much worse, I tell myself. Sure, this will keep me not busy for a few days or more; and perhaps it is a good time to practice my headstands, to see the world from a different angle.

Headstands is a story about perspective and about framing experiences.

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Sounds in Nature Meditation: Thawing Ice

The strange sound, snaps, cracks, gurgles and whips of a thawing lake.

Coming Soon: Compost

“We are all compost for worlds we cannot yet imagine.” (David Whyte)

Composting has always been a bit of a surprise, an experiment: I never quite know what will slowly, and sometimes suddenly grow out of the bins’ corners.

And I am a composition of all the good wishes and warnings, insightful and thoughtless, helpful and spiteful comments,  all the conversations I have ever had, and not just the ones I remember and took to heart, but all the ones I have forgotten, dismissed, ignored and ridiculed.