June 4, 2021

Story 45 :Forgetting Mrs Sprout

Two days after we moved in Mrs Sprout came through our always unlocked back door, strode up the 3 narrow steps into her old kitchen, searched the top of my new fridge for tickets  to a concert at the NAC that night. Her friend waited in the car. She asked if I’d taken them, and questioned what I’d done. 

Yoga Nidra: Maple (short)

Maple is a short yoga nidra practice that takes you across a white iron bridge to a large maple tree on an island.

Coming Soon: Corsets and Lotus Feet

The large ‘Reshaping’ cabinet holds, among other things, Burmese neck rings which, I learned, don’t actually lengthen the human neck, but rather push the clavicle and ribs down. The neck stretching is mostly illusory.  Also in the Reshaping cabinet are corsets, worn by women not that long ago. Come to think of it, my grandmother kept one at the bottom of her closet: fleshy rubbery pink, one hundred hooks and eyes, sucker studded tentacles squeezed her, strapped her in, wrapped around her soft warm body.