July 30, 2021

Story 52: Shadows on the Wall

I have been frightened by a lot of things in life, and given my rather wild imagination, fear of the unknown is one of my favorite ones, keeps me up at night; although of course, there are plenty of other shapely warnings all around,  hinted at and sometimes made explicit. ( See Link 36)

‘Shadows on the wall’ is part 1 of the Fear series, which also includes: ‘Seeds of Doubt’, ‘Magic Spells’ and ‘Potato Bugs’ and ‘Lake Cabonga’.

Coming Soon:

A Summer Replay: Silkworms

Of course there is no guarantee that change, and the stirrings of a thousand earthworms will restore life, there is always the chance that it won’t. Life is not predictable and it might not end as happily as you once hoped. Nonetheless, even if choice seems faint, do remind yourself that you don’t have to wait for the frail promises of your unraveling life.

Silkworms spin together no-till farming, silkworms and life transitions.