August 20, 2021

Long Yoga Nidra: Shoreline

Here is a full length Yoga Nidra about midsummer walk along an early evening shoreline, recorded in a canoe on a lake. Listen for the loon.

A Summer Replay: Path

Last winter a man I met in a small northern community told me that when he was young he would hunt for Caribou with his uncle. One evening, at dusk, he watched as thousands of the large lumbering animals moved not as one, but swirled in all directions. He said that the ground moved and shook with noise and motion. But the caribou don’t migrate that far south anymore.

This Story is about impermanence, toads, caribou and the forest.

Coming Soon: Magic Spells

300 hundred years ago, one of my ancestors, a Josep Bill, sat at his desk at night, in the house in which we both grew up, and copied out strange words and spells and symbols. The many pages show how threatened and insecure people were in their life on earth, though they yearned, as do we,  for assurance and protection. Confidence, optimism and happiness were not  part of the conversation;  people put their faith into religion  and magic spells instead. 

This story is family lore and I remember my grandfather telling us children about the magic book that was kept between the pages of our family bible. In the 1970s, after our family emigrated, a local teacher transcribed the spells and published their account in a small booklet called Zauberspruche, Doktorbucher und andere Schriften. 

‘Magic Spells’ is part 3 of the Fear series, which also includes: ‘Shadows on the Wall’, ‘Seeds of Doubt’, ‘Potato Bugs’ and ‘Lake Cabonga’