January 29, 2021

Story 26: Eavesdropper

It wasn’t just Rosa’s voice I’d overheard; slowly, I picked up the many whispers that drifted out of other neighbours’ open pipes and widened seams. It was as if I’d discovered new frequencies on my dial, found private stations that I had never known. 

Walking Meditation 15 – Sound Movement

This walking meditation helps you to become more aware of the sounds that appear in consciousness as you walk through your city or through nature.

Coming Soon: Samuel

February 6. The earth is still spinning on its winter arc, though days are growing longer: a minute in the morning, another one at night.

A very brief story about loss and life unfurling.

January 22, 2021

Story 25: Knots and Ties

My grandmother kept chocolate, an apple and a paring knife in her apron pocket, read to us, cheated at cards but let me win. She knitted socks and liked her tea with cream, told us stories about talking pigeons and rabbits and owls. 

Walking Meditation 14 – Winter Movement

This walking meditation helps to ground you in your step by step movement.

Coming Soon: Eavesdropper

Every early morning, backhoes excavated the soil around brittle water mains and sewer pipes, and, come nightfall, the trenches were mostly tucked in again, and wooden bridges ran across unearthed pipes, connecting each house to the street.  Noise and dust were everywhere: they seeped through every crack in our house, and left a thin film around the coffee cups in our kitchen cupboards. And every morning we brushed a soft grey dust off our children’s sleep damp hair and faces.