December 25, 2020

Story 21: Milkweed

One might think that the show is over once the flowers of the Milkweed have flashed their beauty, and the leaves have fed the hairy black and orange caterpillar; but no, the best is yet to come.

This story is about Milkweed and a silver tour bus that had stopped near our history museum.

Meditation 12: Navigating the movements of the mind

This meditation will make you more aware of the chaos of your mind, and practice navigating the waves of your thoughts.

Coming Soon: Sehnsucht

Happiness comes from the Icelandic word “happ”, meaning luck or chance. We do tend to tie the two together, as though happiness were a thing we might hopefully trip over one day, should we be so lucky.

Sehnsucht is about our yearning for happiness, and the challenges we face in its search.