January 2, 2021

Story 22: Sehnsucht

Happiness comes from the Icelandic word “happ”, meaning luck or chance. We do tend to tie the two together, as though happiness were a thing we might hopefully trip over one day, should we be so lucky. Sehnsucht is about our yearning for happiness, and the challenges we face in its search. (See Links 18, 19)

Yoga Nidra 15: Night Sky

We seem to seldom give ourselves the opportunity to experience our minds without the noise and clutter of our busy lives. Like a night sky polluted by city lights, we might, through the haze, only recognize and attend to the brightest and loudest experiences. But In the wilderness the stars are more clear, less distorted.  This Yoga Nidra practice follows the sights, sounds, sensations and thoughts of a night sky.

Coming Soon: Patsy Cline

A story about my neighbour, the House of Staples and racoons.