February 12, 2021

Story 28: Ruminants

To ruminate,  to  revisit a thought over and over again, comes from the word ‘ruminant’ – an animal that eats grass;  chewing, swallowing, regurgitation and rechewing the same fodder over and over again. It is the same with us humans, we constantly consume our thoughts. (see Links 20, 21, 22)

Mindful Meditation 16: Waves

Find calm in the observations of the cloud of sensations that surround you.

Coming Soon: Wet Wool

My husband, who spent many childhood Sundays sitting on hard, straight-backed Dutch church pews, is finely tuned to the quiet crinkle of peppermint wrappers, the sound’s sweet promise of powdery white candies, which his mom, and all the Dutch moms,  pulled out of their purses once the congregation settled in for a long sermon. I swear the sound and taste still hypnotizes him into a sleepy lull.

Wet Wool is about sounds and smells, and the link between sensations and memories.