February 19, 2021

Story 29: Wet Wool

 It sometimes feels as though memories are awakened and tugged upwards by the finely tuned strings of our senses,  linking a forgotten past to the here and now. 

Wet Wool is about sounds and smells, and the link between sensations and memories.

Mindful Meditation 17: Selfless

This Mindful Meditation brings awareness to the ebb and flow of emotions, sensations and thoughts.

Coming Soon: Thin Ice

The first step you take onto a frozen lake is a beginning that you will never feel again. It catches the breath in your throat, and has you wondering: is it worth it? will I fall? should I turn back? And with every step you leave a little bit of yourself behind.

Yoga Nidra: Forest (long)

This long practice takes you deep into a forest.