March 12, 2021

Story 32: Refrain

He always had a book on his lap, marked his notes in its margins; filled notebooks with observations on migration, nature and spring. Later they all went missing: someone, who was more practical, likely used them to start a fire on a cold winter night. 

Refrain is about Atti, my great grandfather and the tracks we follow.

Short Yoga Nidra: Stormy Sky

This Yoga Nidra practice involves rapid visualizations of objects and images.

Sound Meditation: Thunder, rain and birds

A few minutes of thunder that I recorded last August.

Coming Soon:

Story 33: Free Will?

Are the paths we walk our own? What I mean is this: does everything unfold with intention, according to my own plans and free will? Is there inside me a tiny wizard of Oz, hiding behind the curtains of my mind, peering out through bony sockets, pulling  levers, turning dials, shouting hoarse commands, keeping me on time, and on the straight and narrow path?