March 19, 2021

Story 33: Free Will?

Are the paths we walk our own? What I mean is this: does everything unfold with intention, according to my own plans and free will? Is there inside me a tiny wizard of Oz, hiding behind the curtains of my mind, peering out through bony sockets, pulling  levers, turning dials, shouting hoarse commands, keeping me on time, and on the straight and narrow path?

BONUS: An experiment I learned from Sam Harris (See Links 27, 28)

Sounds in Nature Meditation: Water

Sounds of a water, a canoe, crows and a loon (at the very end).

Coming Soon:

Story 34: Chocolate Rabbit

For years, I have been palming off a particularly adorable baby picture of my brother as my own. We mostly share the same features: blue eyes, nose, cheekbones. But that is where the similarity ends.

Chocolate Rabbit is about chocolate, habits, and Easter.