March 26, 2021

Story 34: Chocolate Rabbit

For years, I have been palming off a particularly adorable baby picture of my brother as my own. We mostly share the same features: blue eyes, nose, cheekbones. But that is where the similarity ends.

Chocolate Rabbit is about chocolate, habits, and Easter. (See Links 29)

Walking Meditation: Early Spring Colour

This Walking Meditation has you attending to the colours that surround you.

Coming Soon: Story 35: Endings

Some endings are explicit: clearly we are told what  happened next: threads are gathered into tidy bundles; here is no room for questions; the teller has decided on this version, as the truth.   Other endings are implicit, open to some interpretation, leaving you to wonder what it means to live happily ever after, for example.

Short Yoga Nidra : Ice

Explore an icy world in this Yoga Nidra practice. (Special guest voice by Peter)