April 1, 2021

Story 35 : Endings

Some endings are explicit: clearly we are told what  happens next: threads are gathered into tidy bundles, there is no room to question the explanation because the teller has decided on this version, as the truth.   Other endings are implicit, and have you wondering what it means  to live happily ever after. (See Links 30, 31, 32 )

Short Yoga Nidra: Ice

Explore an icy world in this Yoga Nidra practice. (Special guest voice by Peter)

Coming Soon: Story 36: Begin Again

My late MIL was a weaver. She wove beautiful blankets, scarves and shawls, but my favorites are the multicoloured patterned towels that I use to dry my hands, that glow with contrast and harmony, thread together colours that you or I might neverdare, unless you know their art, which she did.