February 26, 2021

Story 30: Thin Ice

The first step you take on a frozen lake is a beginning that you will never feel again. It catches the breath in your throat, and has you wondering: is it worth it? will I fall? should I turn back? And with every step you leave a little bit of yourself behind. (See Links 23)

Yoga Nidra 16: Forest (long)

This long practice takes you deep into a forest. For a shorter version, listen to #10.

Coming Soon: Missing Words

What do you do if there is no word in any language for what you are experiencing and feeling? While words help us to recognize and communicate experiences, I wonder if they might also limit and constrain us. Why let a single word contain us when we are walking on air?

November 28, 2020

Story 17: 1979

1979 is the year my family emigrated from our small town in Switzerland. The story is about that time, Canadian lunch boxes, new friends, and crossing disorienting gaps.

Yoga Nidra 13: Floating Body (for sleep)

In this yoga nidra practice, let go of consciousness, and give yourself over to sleep as you travel above the sea and the earth.

Coming Next Weekend: Egg

A story about fragile eggs and egos.

Over coffee this morning, I told my husband that my next story would be about eggs. He laughed and said that I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel now, that perhaps I should write about politics instead.