April 9, 2021

Story 36: Begin Again

My late mother in law was a weaver. She wove beautiful blankets, scarves and shawls, but my favorites are the multicoloured patterned towels that I use to dry my hands, that glow with contrast and harmony, thread together colours that you or I might never dare, unless you know their art, which she did. 

Coming Soon: Sleeping Beauty

Warning: not much happens in this story, unless  you count my description of a breathing lake; or count the unfortunate rent in my winter coat, torn by the thorns of tall blackberry canes.   In this story, no coyote will suddenly trot across a frozen lake; and your tolerance, your threshold for boredom, might not be as high as mine.

December 18, 2020

Story 20: On Balance

Yesterday, weeks after that first day of the deer hunt, on a snow covered path along a line of now bare trees, I saw a large Barred owl, perched high, still, waiting, watching for its small furry prey.  And then, quite suddenly, it lifted and waved its powerful wings, and dove towards the frozen earth.

“On Balance” is about expectations, uncertainty and hope. (See Links 16 & 17)

Meditation 11: Night Sky

We seem to seldom give ourselves the opportunity to experience our minds without the noise and clutter of our busy lives. Like a night sky polluted by city lights, we might, through the haze, only recognize and attend to the brightest and loudest experiences. But In the wilderness the stars are more clear, less distorted.  Mindful meditation is a practice to begin to notice and better understand and experience the moments of our lives, the sights, sounds, sensations and thoughts.

Coming Soon: Milkweed

One might think that the show is over once the flowers of the Milkweed have flashed their beauty, and the leaves have fed the hairy black and orange caterpillar; but no, the best is yet to come.

This story is about Milkweed and a silver tour bus.

October 31, 2020

Story 13: Fossils

 ‘Fossils’, explores a deep lake, and the sorrows we keep.

Yoga Nidra 10: Forest

This practice takes you deep into a forest. For a shorter version, see Meditations: Forest.

Meditation 8: Spiders

This meditation has you drift on strings of light. For more on this story, see Stories: Spiders.

Coming Next Weekend: Sundog

  ‘Sundog’ meets a black dog, and speaks about the moments we live.

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October 24, 2020

Story 12: Snakes and Ladders

 ”Snakes and Ladders’, spins together dancing men, tourists and pilgrims, a canoe trip into the wilds, and the question: ‘Is this it?’ (See Links 5, 6, 7)

Yoga Nidra 9: Mountain (short)

This practice will take you on a long journey up a mountain path to watch the sun rise.

Meditation 7: Well

This meditation takes you deep into a well. For a longer version see Yoga Nidra’s Well.

Coming Next Weekend: Fossils

‘Fossils’ explores a deep lake and the sorrows we keep; and part 3, ‘Sundog’, meets a black dog, and speaks about the moments we live.

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